Ask Dr Molton: Fraxel Laser

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Ask Dr Molton: Fraxel Laser


When is the best time of year to get Fraxel Laser Treatment? What do I need to consider after the treatment?

Dr Molton Relpied:

Unless you are planning on sunbathing/tanning (which none of us should) Fraxel is okay to have all year round. It is my experience however that winter can actually lull patients into a false sense of security and take the odd ‘risk of exposure’ or even completely ignore the instructions of wearing adequate sunscreen. The fact is, UV light from the sun can be just as damaging in winter as it is in summer. The other myth of course is we should only wear sunscreen when it’s sunny. The truth is, we should wear it all the time, (with or without Fraxel) and apply it again before exposure. Remember that protection is limited; putting sunscreen on in the morning will not necessarily protect you on the drive home from work. Interestingly, patients tend to avoid sun exposure much more in summer than in winter. That’s probably because when it’s blisteringly hot, we all tend to seek the shelter of air conditioning indoors. After your Fraxel Laser treatment it is also always important to continuously use moisturiser to maintain hydrated skin.