Our Medical Professionals

Our Medical Professionals

Dr Michael K Molton

Principal Doctor/Senior Medical Officer

Dr Michael Molton has accomplished extensive work and education in laser and rejuvenation. His cosmetic career spans over two decades, making him very experienced in the field of Cosmetic Medicine.

Dr Molton is currently engaged in research and the development of advanced imaging systems to substitute standard before and after photography. The research is in conjunction with the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics at the University of Western Australia, one of the world’s top 100 universities. The Australian Research Council (ARC) is funding the research program which involves the implementation of facial mapping, 3D and 4D (3D printing) representations of the ageing processes, and treatment based on scientific evidence. The funding program was one of only 13 successful applications to the ARC out of a total of 47 presented by UWA.


Full credentials and experience:

  • MBBS, Dip Cosm & Derm Laser
  • Registered Medical Practitioner (unconditionally) in all states of Australia
  • Graduated University of Western Australia 1993
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
  • Internship Fremantle Hospital 1993-4
  • Residency Fremantle Hospital 1994-5
  • Trainee West Australian Institute of Cosmetic Laser Surgery 1994-5
  • RMO in-training 1995 Restoration Clinics of Australia
  • Developed term ‘Cosmetic Physician’ 1996
  • Foundation member Cosmetic Physicians Society of WA 1997
  • Senior Medical Officer Restoration Clinic of WA 1998
  • Convener 1st Live Surgery Workshop Australian Lipoplasty Association (ALA)
  • President ALA 1999
  • Member of Council Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery 2000
  • Vice-president Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia 2000
  • Chairman (Oceania Chapter) International Society of Liposuction 2000
  • Appointed Educator to Faculty of Education Pierre Fournier School of Liposuction 2001
  • Executive member Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia 2001(CPSA)
  • Elected First Vice President International Society of Liposuction 2002
  • Co-founder International Academy of Cosmetic Medicine 2003
  • Convener of 2nd, 3rd, 4th Live Surgery Workshops ALA 2001-2004
  • Case history published as Letter to the Editor Medical Journal of Australia Unusual Cause of DVT
  • Journal article published as co-author in Journal Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatry on Incidence of Body Dysmorphic Disorder in patients seeking treatment of cosmetic appearance
  • Published as author in Australian Journal of Cosmetic Surgery titled Safety of Liposuction in Australia
  • Invited and sponsored speaker in Jakarta, Indonesia April 2003, Orlando, Florida USA January 1998 and Guadalajara, Mexico June 2002.
  • INA Conference Phuket, Guest Speaker “Statistical Analysis of Facial Volume” 2012
  • Presenter Australian Society of Cosmetic Medicine, Gold Coast Conference “Statistical Analysis of Facial Volume”2012

Dr Michael Molton has also personally instructed more than fifty practitioners in the finer arts and sciences of cosmetic medicine through various workshops.

Publications Dr Molton has authored or co-authored

A Consensus on Minimizing the Risk of Hyaluronic Acid Embolic Visual Loss and Suggestions for Immediate Bedside Management

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