Facial Rejuvenation

Appearance is a unique quality. So it follows no treatment plan for facial rejuvenation will be the same either. An individually tailored rejuvenation consists of the treatments best suited for you. Are you interested in how to:

  • Reduce discolouration, scarring, sun damage and other marks
  • Lift your jaw line, plump your lips or add volume to your cheeks
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles or prevent them from forming
  • Improve elasticity, tighten skin and stimulate your collagen production

What is the cost for a consultation?

New patient consultation fees to see Dr Molton are $85 and are payable when booking.

At epiclinic®, we provide a comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments aimed at helping our patients look their best.

The team at epiclinic®, led by Dr Michael Molton, believe cosmetic medicine should be a gift to yourself.