Ask Dr Molton: How Much Does It Cost To Get Dermal Fillers?

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Ask Dr Molton: How Much Does It Cost To Get Dermal Fillers?


I am shopping around for prices on dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, How much do you charge for (name of dermal filler) and per unit of (anti-wrinkle injections)?


Dr Molton replied:

Some patients shop around for prices but most people that come to epiclinic® put the expertise of the proceduralist, training and experience above the consideration of cost, not that cost is not important.

At epiclinic® we are often consulted by patients to correct cheap outcomes so this is worth bearing in mind. There are some pretty shonky injectors operating out of hairdressers, beauticians and would you believe now… tanning salons? But if it’s a cheap job you want I guess that is where you’ll probably find it.

I see some distressed patients who have gone down that path and it’s not pretty. It is unlawful practice to inject the products in cosmetic medicine without a doctor conducting a physical, in-person assessment to determine if the treatment the patient is seeking is suitable. Often there’s no medical indemnity insurance if things go horribly wrong either.

I recommend booking an appointment at epiclinic® to find out exactly what treatments we recommend and to receive a full professional quote.

Dr Molton

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