The Signs You’re Losing Hair

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The Signs You’re Losing Hair

Does your hair seem to be thinning? Sometimes it can be challenging to determine whether you’re losing normal amounts of hair, or whether your thinning hair is more than the usual shedding of hair that happens in a healthy growth cycle.

It’s not a comfortable conversation to have, even if you have serious concerns about losing your hair. It’s important to note that many men who have concerns about hair loss don’t take action to get treatment while there is still time.

The issue with hair loss is that the longer you take to seek out treatment, the harder it may prove to reverse the damage. If you begin a treatment protocol, such as the hair transplant procedures Dr Michael Molton offers, before you’ve lost all of your healthy follicles, you’ve got an improved chance of preserving your hair. Once your hair has fallen out completely, and each of your follicles has died, you may have missed your opportunity to get treatment.

If you’ve got concerns and find yourself asking, “What are the signs that I’m losing hair?” we just may have the answers that can help you get treatment before it’s too late.

The most obvious signs I’m losing hair

It may sound pretty obvious, but even seeing hair falling out could be overlooked as a sign that you’re losing your hair. Many are inclined to overlook excessive hair shedding because it can be hard to tell whether we’re losing normal amounts of hair or whether the hair loss is a sign of thinning. Normal healthy heads can lose up to 100 strands of hair each day. Seeing a few strands of hair on your shoulder or pillow in the morning don’t necessarily indicate that you’re balding. When you start to wake up with a considerable amount of hair on the pillow or see more than usual amounts of hair on your brush or collecting in your shower, it might be time to look into getting help for hair loss.

A receding hairline

Seeing your hairline beginning to recede is a major sign that you’re balding. It can start with something as simple as noticing that your hair simply isn’t as easy to style as it once was. You may see some hairline recession at your temples, which can be easy to ignore. Ignoring a receding hairline isn’t the best course of action, because this stage is often still early enough in your hair loss for you to see success from treatment options.

A noticeably visible scalp

Did your locks once cover your scalp with lush fullness? If you now see a visible scalp when you give yourself even the slightest part in your hair, it’s possible that you’ve lost a significant amount of hair from your crown. There are good odds that you’re going to continue to see additional hair loss, until you have visible bald spots.

You may find that spending a day outdoors results in a sunburned scalp. This is because our hair offers natural protections for our scalp. As your hair starts to thin, you will start to lose some of that protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Are you ready to seek out treatment?

Working with a professional familiar with hair loss and hair loss treatments can help you to restore your hairline and your confidence. Don’t allow the stress of hair loss to keep you from seeking out treatment.

Hair loss happens to a large percentage of men, of all ages. The biggest issue facing male pattern baldness isn’t necessarily finding the right treatment plan to meet the needs of the individual – the problem is most often fighting all of the misinformation surrounding hair loss. Scheduling a consultation with a professional who understands male pattern baldness, and can offer great solutions, can help you to get the right answers.

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