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Is Really Real? – Ask Dr Molten


Is really real?


Dr Molton replied

I realise now my mistake. I did think that would be a great resource for patients researching treatments. Don’t get me wrong, there are some really eminent doctors contributing to this site, but then I looked at the patient posts. I’m confident that some are real and I am confident that most observers would realise many are possibly unreal.

Thinking about it now, the patient most likely to publish a comment, is the patient who was unfortunate enough to have problems and/or a bad experience. That approach is not very scientific because we don’t see the thousands of patients who are satisfied with their procedure and the delivery of their service.

In my experience, having seen and/or treated over 30,000 patients in twenty years, most, but not all patients have a clear understanding that medical procedures even in the best hands can result in complications. Unfortunately people who have had the best outcome are less likely to post than those who have not. Not a helpful balance in my thinking.

From here on I no longer recommend as a helpful resource to my patients.


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