Find out how PRP Hair Restoration can give you the hair & confidence you deserve.

Thinning hair can leave you looking older than your age and embarrassed about your appearance. Men and women can begin losing hair as early as their teens or early twenties depending on genetics and various environmental factors.

Our epiclinic hair restoration with PRP, also known as platelet-rich plasma, is a revolutionary treatment for balding or thinning hair that uses your body’s own natural growth factors and healing compounds. The resulting procedure is a non-surgical method for inspiring hair growth in dormant follicles. This regenerative treatment can produce a dramatic improvement in the thickness and strength of your existing hair, and stimulate inactive follicles to once again produce hair.



The minimally-invasive nature of PRP hair restoration makes it a versatile treatment for hair loss that most men and women can benefit from.

Ideal candidates for this regenerative treatment for hair loss include those who are:

  • In the early stages of hair loss and notice a generally thinning of their hair

  • Genetically predisposed to hair loss

  • Experiencing patchy hair loss, possibly as a result of alopecia areata

  • Unhappy with the quality or amount of hair they are currently growing

  • Dissatisfied with other hair restoration methods they’ve tried

  • Uncomfortable with the idea of undergoing surgery

PRP hair restoration usually works more quickly on those who still have active follicles. However, it can be effective for people who have inactive follicles or more developed hair loss, but you may require more treatments to get results.

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The Science Behind PRP

Platelet-rich plasma is developed using your body’s own natural healing compounds and growth hormones. PRP is derived from a small sample of your blood that is placed in a PREMIUM ANGEL CLOSED SYSTEM centrifuge to separate the growth factors from the other substances in the blood. This effectively concentrates the beneficial compounds for use during your hair restoration treatment.

PRP hair loss treatment in Adelaide has been increasing in popularity, and has a wide variety of medical and cosmetic applications. It can be used for everything from skin revitalization to joint therapy in injured athletes. The growth factors in PRP encourage cell regeneration, which can restore inactive or weak follicles into an active growth phase when used for hair restoration.