Instagram Bans Cosmetic Medical Enhancement AR Filters

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Instagram Bans Cosmetic Medical Enhancement AR Filters

CPCA President, Dr Michael Molton, weighs in on the far-reaching impact of the Get Real campaign.

After a patient walked into Dr Molton’s office with a filtered selfie and asked him to make her “look like this”, he realised the immense impact that social media has on how people perceive beauty and themselves.

After exploring ‘snap-chat dysmorphia’, he quickly discovered just how many of his colleagues were receiving similar requests from patients. This lead the CPCA to develop the Get Real Campaign, which aims to educate the Australian public about non- surgical cosmetic enhancements and having realistic expectations.

In his recent interview with Rolly Mag, Dr Molton discusses the negative side of social media and the integral role that the Get Real campaign has played in Instagram banning certain AR filters.

Read the interview here.

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