Beauty Profile in your 40s to 50s

Beauty Profile in your 40s to 50s


These are great years! We’re enjoying our lives with families, friends and career success. Maintaining our health and looking fresh becomes a lot more challenging so keeping fit and enhancing our appearance through non-invasive procedures becomes more important. We can see more wrinkles sun damage and sagging skin around our eyes, jowls, mouth, and necks, we’re losing volume in our lips and cheeks. We also struggle with stubborn new pockets of fat that collect in undesirable places.

Wrinkle relaxants to the forehead and eyes can smooth the skin open the eyes and brighten your expression. Skin-tightening with Radiofrequency and skin rejuvenation with lasers can reduce the signs of sun damage and ageing. Injectable fillers can improve the contour of your lips and augment facial areas where you’ve started to lose volume.


  • Laser to skin on face, neck, chest, and hands
  • Increase volume of lips and cheeks
  • Smooth out wrinkles and lift upper eyes and eyebrows
  • Erase brown spots and pigmentation
  • Improve jaw contour with Radiofrequency
  • Improve under-eye bags with Fraxel and Exilis
  • Coolsculpting to fat pockets on abdomen, back, arms, Inner and outer thighs, knees, bra fat and chin
  • Body tightening with Radiofrequency


In our fifties, some of us are still working hard, and many of us are enjoying our children’s weddings and our grandkids. Even the most youthful among us may experience a general loss of skin elasticity, uneven skin tone (red or brown spots), deeper wrinklessagging jaw line, folds and loose skin in the neck.

But help is here! Stay gorgeous (and natural looking) with an integrated approach to rejuvenation. Fillers subtly placed to restore fullness in cheeks, lips and outer brows; chemical peels and laser to banish pigmentation, age spots and restore a youthful glow and radio frequency to tighten and smooth skin tone. For an advanced anti-aging approach, Dr. Molton offers a revolutionary 3D scan to assess the face and neck, a comprehensive consultation and an integrated approach to rejuvenation.

Ageing healthily means continuing moderate exercise, eating good quality healthy foods, avoiding smoking and excess sun exposure.


  • Chemical peels, Laser, Radiofrequency to face, neck, chest, and hands to restore youth to skin
  • Dermal filler strategically placed in facial areas with volume loss.
  • Anti-wrinkle injections for natural smoothness
  • Erase brown spots, pigmentation and sun damage with Fraxel
  • Improve jaw contour with Exilis Protege Elite
  • Tighten under eye bags
  • Coolsculpting for stubborn fat pockets
  • Body tightening with Radiofrequency