Dr Michael Molton Interview – ABC Radio ‘Snapchat Dysmorphia’

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Dr Michael Molton Interview – ABC Radio ‘Snapchat Dysmorphia’

Have you heard of Snapchat dysmorphia before? Unfortunately, this is the latest trend where clients wish to look more like their filtered photos on Snapchat and are seeking cosmetic surgery to achieve this. Dr Michael Molton, the president of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia, discussed this issue with ABC Radio.

More young people in Australia want to achieve the smooth skin and refined facial features they are capturing when they take a selfie. Dr Molton comments that this is happening with mostly young women, but there are also some young men that want to look like their edited photographs. He believes that this problem is growing as a result of social media and there is an unrealistic expectation of what can be achieved with cosmetic surgery.

Currently, Dr Molton says that the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia are trying to help the government understand the problems with Snapchat dysmorphia and what can be done to help. In addition, it is essential to educate the public of what is happening so they can help too.

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