Ask Dr Molton: I’m Afraid That My Cosmetic Procedure Can Go Wrong

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Ask Dr Molton: I’m Afraid That My Cosmetic Procedure Can Go Wrong


When I was younger I always had a good shape to my face but lately I seem to have developed thinner features. What scares me is that I see some women on TV who have had surgery and now look like they have golf-balls on their face. Don’t they realise how stupid they look?


Dr Molton replied:

The women you see are probably what I call ‘overdone’. Not only golf-balls for cheeks but the full stuck-on lips too. Unfortunately we don’t see in ourselves, what other people see.

That’s because when we see ourselves in the mirror we see a ‘flat’, still image. That’s nothow other people see us because we are always changing our expression and we don’t even know it. Think how many times and in how many ways we react to conversations, thoughts and feelings. You can’t reproduce this by looking in the mirror.

“I simply won’t let patients do things that will not look natural”

If you want natural, you must understand how to get it. That means understanding the dynamic expression changes, the physical and gravitational forces and where the support points are in the face. Too many ‘injectors’ think that pumping untold amounts of dermal filler into the cheeks will lift the face. The fact is, you MUST put it in the RIGHT place and if you don’t, when the patient makes certain expressions it just doesn’t look normal.

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