Ask Dr Molton: Cosmetic Medicine – Who Can I Trust?

who can i trust

Ask Dr Molton: Cosmetic Medicine – Who Can I Trust?

Today, cosmetic medicine is as common as any other type of medicine. However, trying to determine the legitimacy of advertising claims and claims made by practitioners can be difficult.

The cosmetic industry has shown an overwhelming growth in treatment options. However, the line between advertising with phrases “scientifically proven” or “clinically tested” and an authentic medical grade approval has become blurred.

Researching cosmetic treatments online will provide consumers with a foundation of evidence and testimonials to support a procedure. However, assessing that evidence is virtually impossible without considerable expertise. Distinguishing marketing and advertising from scientific evidence is not easy.

When choosing the right advice in medicine, especially cosmetic medicine, it is not as simple as buying a product from a store where you know what you’re looking for.

With the popularity of cosmetic medicine follows the growth of clinics run by practitioners without the appropriate experience or qualifications. As with all clinical procedures, it’s essential to do research about your options, the procedure you wish to undergo and your practitioner.

One of the common mistakes members of the public make is choosing a treatment plan without doing the proper research regarding a treatment. For instance one clinic may recommend IPL when in fact an non-ablative fractional laser treatment would better achieve the results you want. Before undergoing the treatment you’ve been recommended it’s important to do more research on websites like, or seek a second opinion from a qualified practitioner such as a doctor focusing in cosmetic medicine.

Dr Michael Molton has over 20 years of experience in cosmetic medicine. During this time, the epiclinic® team have seen many treatments advertised by other companies as ‘scientifically proven’ or ‘medical grade’ erupt onto the market. On close examination of the so-called evidence for these treatments, most of them cannot be supported by the scientific literature, the medical journals or what is known as ‘evidence-based medicine’.


Why choose epiclinic® for cosmetic medicine treatments?

Using the medical model, Dr Molton will provide you with a working plan, including costings to suit your budget, and explain to you the rationale behind recommended procedures. epiclinic® has also become a pioneer of three-dimensional imaging in cosmetic medicine, which allows patients to see even the most subtle changes as a result from their treatment plan.

We also offer an exclusive range of internationally recognised procedures including Fraxel™ and CoolSculpting™. epiclinic® is an accredited healthcare facility with standards set by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.

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