Ask Dr Molton: PRP and Smoking

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prp and smoking - Ask Dr. Molton

Ask Dr Molton: PRP and Smoking


I’m just doing a bit of research on PRP and Dermal Fillers, and it states that PRP is not suitable for heavy smokers or drinkers … I do both !! … Is that a concern, and why is PRP not recommended? Does it not last as long? What other fillers do you use that may be more appropriate if PRP is not for me?


Dr Molton replied

Smoking is the real killer for regeneration of cells of all kinds and what we are doing with PRP is regenerating the body’s ability to lay down a network of fibrin and stimulate fibroblasts cells to produce new collagen. So smoking may reduce the potential effects we are seeking. I say ‘may’ because it is only theory based upon first principles of what we know in general metabolic activity. To my knowledge no studies have actually been performed to bear this theory out.

Equally, no studies have been performed to my knowledge on the effects of smoking and dermal fillers either. We are fortunate to be one of two or three clinics in Adelaide to use the latest products that may suit you better. These products use what is known as Vycross technology which is engineered to make the product last longer but requires special training and expertise to administer.

I would be erring in my role as medical practitioner if I did not visit the impact of smoking on all body functions. I would have liked to have had some of my patients follow me around the hospital wards where amputees, arterial by-pass grafts patients, patients gasping for air on oxygen cylinders with terminal cancer and emphysema, ischaemic heart disease victims in CCU, stroke victims who cannot speak, paralysed down one side etc etc, are abundant to see demonstrating the suffering that smoking causes. I respect the right of choice, but if I can help just one patient give up the fags I will have done good. As high as 75% of all hospital admissions are smoking-related.


Dr Michael Molton