Rosacea IPL Treatment

Premier Cosmetic Medical Clinic, Adelaide South Australia

Premier Cosmetic Medical Clinic, Adelaide South Australia

Rosacea Treatment Adelaide

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that mainly affects the facial area. Surface capillaries dilate; forming a red flush that may be accompanied by small lumps or pustules.Rosacea has periods of flares and remission, and although there is no known permanent cure the condition can be controlled by our trained clinical therapists at Epiclinic. Our method of treating Rosacea is a fast, safe and cost effective solution to ensure that your symptoms are kept under control.

What Causes Rosacea?

While there are no known causes of Rosacea, a combination of environmental and hereditary factors can trigger and irritate its symptoms.

Three possibilities contribute to the formation of Rosacea; intestinal bacteria (elevated hydrogen and methane), cathelicidins (increased peptide and enzyme activity on the skins surface layer)and dermodex (mites on the skin, reaction to faeces).

While Rosacea cannot be cured, there are triggers that can exacerbate symptoms including:

Temperature changes
Strenuous Exercise
Spicy Foods
Histamines (wine, cheese, yoghurt, beer)
Over-application of aggressive skin care products

Treatment for Rosacea

Photo rejuvenation is a non-invasive technology that uses various wavelengths of light to treat the dilated blood vessels on the affected areas of the face. Effectively, what causes the Rosacea in the first place, absorbs the light emitted onto it to destroy the particles that display facial redness.

Photo rejuvenation is a non-invasive procedure administered with a medical-grade Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Using multiple wavelengths of light, photo rejuvenation treats the dilated blood vessels in the face caused by Rosacea, causing the affected structures to absorb light. It results in the destruction of visible blood vessels, which then become naturally absorbed by the body. Over time, and with the right course of treatment, the redness and flushing of the skin that causes Rosacea becomes visibly reduced.

The Benefits of Rosacea Treatment

Reduces the overall facial redness
Reduces skin inflammation
Minimal recovery time
100% chemical and drug-free
Reduces skin flushing
Resume normal activities immediately
Cost-effective and non-invasive
Ultimately eliminates or minimises the appearance of Rosacea