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Premier Cosmetic Medical Clinic, Adelaide South Australia

Premier Cosmetic Medical Clinic, Adelaide South Australia

Lip Fillers Adelaide

As we age, our lips often lose the natural plumpness and fullness that they may have once had. Lip fillers can help plump up thinning lips, providing them with vitality and fullness. When most women age they tend to notice drooping in the corners of their lips, where the lower lip sinks and the upper lip becomes elongated. Lip injections can help make the lips fuller, and many ageing women find this helpful in developing a youthful look.

What Are the Benefits of Having Lip Augmentation?

  • Natural enhancements
  • Lip volume control
  • Less bruising
  • Reasonable long-term results
  • Minimal swelling
  • Gradual pace of treatment
  • Bumps dissolve easily

There are many benefits to lip augmentation. A more defined smile can be created. An enhanced pout is generally seen. Having lip injections can create a younger look and it may also help prevent lipstick bleeding.

How Does a Lip Enhancement Procedure Work?

The initial step is to set up a consultation at epiclinic to go over what your goals are and what can be accomplished with your lips. It is necessary that you understand that your lips are the foundation that you can build on; they cannot be completely altered. A lip enhancement simply enhances the lips to create a more youthful, defined and fuller version of your lips.

Injectable lip enhancement is administered with dermal fillers. There are different types of fillers, and the results can be temporary or permanent depending on the kind of filler used. The most common used fillers today are products that contain hyaluronic acid (a natural substance found in the body).

  • A thin needle is used to transfer the soft tissue filler into the lips.
  • Multiple injections can be administered so that the filler is distributed evenly.
  • The entire process takes just under an hour to complete.

When administered by one of epiclinic’s experienced cosmetic injectors the result is beautiful, natural looking lips.

How Much Downtime Will I Need?

Following the procedure, it is normal to experience minor swelling for about one to two days. In some instances, mild bruising and swelling may continue for up to a week.

What Happens After the Procedure?

After a lip enhancement procedure, patients are free to resume their regular activities right away, but should avoid rubbing or touching the area to prevent swelling and infection. The results vary from patient to patient but generally last from 6 to 12 months.