Freckle Removal

Premier Cosmetic Medical Clinic, Adelaide South Australia

Premier Cosmetic Medical Clinic, Adelaide South Australia

Freckle Removal Adelaide

Freckles are tiny patches that form on our skin that are either tan, brown, yellow, red or black in colour. They usually become more noticeable when exposed to the sun, and sometimes they can be genetic. Freckles can form on any area of the body, yet they mostly appear on the arms and face.

What Kind of Treatment is Used to Remove Freckles?

One of the most effective ways to get rid of freckles is through Intense Pulse Light (IPL). Candidates for this treatment are individuals who want a freckle reduction or removal, an even skin tone or who want to have a particular age spot removed. Often treatment takes around 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours to administer, dependent on what area is being treated. In most cases, just one treatment is required to get rid of the freckles; although, sometimes multiple sessions are needed to achieve the best results; a three to six week rest between each treatment is required. This treatment is not recommended for individuals with very dark or tanned skin complexions, or for those that are pregnant.

What Should I Expect During Treatment?

The IPL treatment will target the places that have excess freckles, and break down the melanin in that area. You will be given a pair of glasses or eye pads to protect your eyes, and a cooling gel is applied to the treatment area. Filtered precise bursts of light are absorbed by the high concentration of melanin which is found in the freckles. This process heats the melanin, which will eliminate the melanin-rich cells in the treatment area. At the end of the session, the cooling gel will be taken off, and a moisturiser containing sunscreen will be applied.

While receiving IPL treatment, you will feel a mild warm prickling sensation. For some, this process can be slightly uncomfortable. After treatment, your skin will be warm with some redness for up to 24 hours. Some patients experience mild swelling following their freckle removal treatment, but this often subsides within a few days.  

Within the next two weeks, your freckles will appear darker at first, then they will lose colour as the excess melanin sheds. Further exposure to the sun can bring out the freckles again so it is important to apply sunscreen following your freckle removal treatment to maintain results.

The Benefits of Freckle Removal with IPL

Minimal downtime and pain