Cheek Enhancement Injections

Premier Cosmetic Medical Clinic, Adelaide South Australia

Premier Cosmetic Medical Clinic, Adelaide South Australia

Cheek Enhancement Injections (Dermal Fillers) Adelaide

A beautiful looking face is usually complemented by high cheekbones and full cheeks. Cheeks that are flat can make your face appear aged and thin. A cheek enhancement procedure can reshape your cheeks by using dermal fillers in a quick, safe and relatively painless manner. Cheek enhancement is administered to correct cheeks that have become hollow or sunken, or that have started to sag with age. The treatment can also highlight the cheekbones. Cheek enhancement is performed using injectable fillers to temporarily correct the volume of the cheeks, increasing definition and fullness.

Cheek enhancement includes the injection of dermal fillers into specific areas of the cheeks. Fillers are a non-invasive treatment mainly used to shape the face; making them a very powerful tool in facial enhancement and rejuvenation. The dermal filler works by adding fullness and volume to the skin. It uses a natural substance found in the body, therefore, these fillers are absorbed faster than other products. It also means that the results of these fillers are reversible.

What Should I Expect During Treatment?

After the local anaesthesia, one of our experienced injectors here at epiclinic® will inject the filler into the treatment areas. The entire process takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The results of the treatment vary and depend on the product used.  To preserve your new look, repeat treatments may be recommended.

Who is a Candidate for the Cheek Enhancement Procedure?

Adults who are unhappy with their cheeks because they dont seem as defined as they should be are candidates for treatment. Even though treatment is administered mainly on older individuals who are beginning to see symptoms of ageing, cheek enhancements can also be administered on younger individuals with volume loss in their cheeks.

Are There any Complications Associated with this Procedure?

There are no serious complications reported with the injectable cheek enhancement procedure.  Mild swelling and redness can develop at the treated area after the procedure; this is temporary and often subsides within a few days.  There is absolutely no down-time and patients can return to work or regular activities immediately following the procedure.